Mrs. Philippines 2018 Candidate: Joanna Colasito

Joanna Colasito is a graduate of Hampton University with her Bachelors Degree in Nursing. She has been a Registered nurse for 24 years with a specialty and certification in critical care. She currently manages the Intensive Care unit at Sentara Princess Anne Hospital overseeing the department’s daily operations and leading over 50+ Registered Nurses, Nursing assistants and Administrative assistants.

In addition to her busy nursing career, Joanna and her husband Joey own their own financial firm with over 150 licensed agents under their leadership. She continues to speak publicly sharing financial literacy. On her spare time she continues to host The Hampton Roads Women’s Empowerment events locally sharing her desire and passion to empower women to create a culture of confidence when it comes to their health, wealth and self-being!!

As a longtime resident of the Hampton Roads area and an active member in the community, Joanna has decided to run as a candidate for Mrs. Philippines of Va. The love for her community and for her Filipino heritage is why she chooses to run to help preserve and maintain what was started by the founders of PCC VA.